Though I am a native of the Virginia Coast and North Carolina's Outer Banks, I've lived and worked in Asia for the better part of the last 30 years. The love of my life, Joy, has stuck with me for 35 years of globetrotting, for that she deserves some sort of medal. I think I'd call it the "I don't need a house to be happy" award. We have three kids who are now all grown up and in many ways partners in creative mischief. 

From 2008 through 2014, I studied with wonderful and patient artists in southern China where there has been something like an artistic flowering for the past 2 decades. It has been a privilege to watch it bloom. Art in Asia is believed to be a passionate and spiritual pursuit. I feel the same way-- it seems to me we are makers of things because the image of God, the first designer and grand "maker," is imprinted on us. 

I also enjoy fostering the arts and participating in the local art community wherever I am. Encouraging children in their artistic pursuits is an amazing adventure. I was the founding director of the Halizo Arts Festival that occurred in Norfolk annually from 2002-2006. Other entrepreneurial pursuits have included founding companies in China, doing cross-cultural business consulting, creating internship programs and starting a small coffee shop that often hosted art shows and musical events. Life mentoring, teaching, futuring, organizational change, kayaking, fishing, writing and painting are my flow activities.

I'm interested in the ocean, land, and the life that transitions between them.  For my part, I use traditional Asian art forms and styles to discover the feelings and stories wrapped up in these betwix & between spaces existing on the edge of things. 

Currently, I facilitate learning in two Asian art classes at the Visual Art Center in Titustown, Norfolk, Va. Walking the road with this group, made up mostly of fellow members from the Hampton Road's Blue Heron Sumi-e Society, has been amazing (you can learn more about them at  https://www.blueheronsumie.org/ ). When free, I also like to learn from the inspiring community of artists connected at the Virginia Beach Art Center (find out more about them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com     OR   ArtistsGalleryVB

- Mike Lane 

If you are interested in purchasing a painting or just want to discuss art, please contact me via email: haoyisi2@gmail.com